Hazhe, its the A.K.A of “Eric Cunningham” (Spain-New Jersey) an unceasing creator who in 1994 discovers in music a more constructive way to express his creativity, because to the date he used all his talent on making electronic devices, homemade bombs, some weapons, smoke bombs and some experiments.

After several years of preparing his skills as lyricist and beatmaker he released in 1999 and through the record label, RapSolo his first LP, Hazhe “Con el microfono en la mano” where you can listen to him on the production as on the lyrics featuring several artists from Zaragoza. His second LP was released in 2002, Rapsusklei&Hazhe “La historia mas real de vuestras vidas” which was followed by another LP called “Elipsis” in 2003 and another one called “Hijos de puta para todo” (2004), all of them with Rapsusklei, mc from Zaragoza. While cooking all this records he released the LP “Verso Municcione” (2003) with his parallel project, Cloaka Company (Xhelazz, Erik Beeler, Franfuethefirst and Hazhe) that summed to Rapsusklei&Hazhe made a tour called “La Toska” traveling all Spain and some places over the world. Meanwhile he release the mixtape “Agua pura” a raw rap selection with a couple of exclusive tracks of Rapsusklei and Cloaka Company. In 2005 he release “Metamorfosis” second reference from the “Creador Series” In 2006 he release the demo tape “Petroleo” as mc and producer, with some collaborations (Xhelazz, Rapsusklei, Karty, Zone (EEUU), Loto Oscuro and Aniki).

In 2007 after moving to the city of Granada, he release a record with an Switzerland/Galicia artist, Granpurismo&Hazhe “Aventuras en el paraiso” through his own record label, “FibonacciMusik” a record with so much musicality and influence from the funk and soul. That same year he dedicates a mixtape to his new city, “Granada 2008 mixtape”
In 2010 he release one of his more international projects, Hazhe, “Universalanguage” different languages united under the comun denominator of the music, with featurings from mcs all over the world such as Smoothe da hustler (New York), Kase O (spain), Joe Cassano (Italy), Mc Raptor and Sagas (Portugal), Wise Intelligent (New York), Toteking (Spain), BCWN Crew (France), Shyheim (New York) Jefe de la M (Spain), Mustafa Yoda (Argentina), Granpurismo (Switzerland) etc…
In 2012 he puts out one of his more risky LPs, H-A-Z-H-E, where all the songs are just music and production skills to take the listener to different musical landscapes and where only the interludes contains mcs, giving more importance to the music over the vocals. In the same year he release the LP, Hazhe “Meid In Espein” with featurings such as Capaz, Sicario, Falsalarma, Juaninacka, La Excepcion, SpanishFly, Payo Malo, Yeseire, El Puto Coke, Woyza, Rapsusklei and Shariff.

In 2013 he starts a new project, a new supergroup, Mala Juntera, formed by SFDK (Zatu Rey and Accion Sanchez) with Capaz Fernandez from the group Hablando en Plata, and Hazhe. Releasing the LP “CRACKS” winner of the independent music awards to the best LP of urban music and rap.

Along all this LPs and with hundreds shows done, he also produce beats for the best artists on the scene and he have shared stage with groups such as Wu Tand Clan, Busta Rhymes, Das EFX, M.O.P, DJ Q-Bert, DJ JazzyJeff, Lords of the underground, Masta Ace, Wordsworth, Afu-Ra, Pharaone Monch, Big Daddy Kane, Saian Supa Crew, Passi, etc…